Measuring Modules

ROUND (Single Layer)

  • Automatic measurement of any single layer cable
  • outer / inner diameter, wall thickness,
  • special options for green/yellow, extruder adjustment


  • Automatic measurement of two layer cables
  • low contrast option to measure even white on white cables
  • all needed measurements according to the standards for each layer
  • configurable type and number measurements


  • Automatic measurement of any cable construction
  • flat cables, twin, computer cables, special cable for elecators
  • special options for bus cables


  • Three layer measurement for power cables
  • wall thickness, diameters etc. for each layer
  • Special modules for the american market like INDENT measurment, SIT measurement
  • Option for extruder adjustment


  • Automatic measurement of sector cables
  • all needed measurements according to the standards
  • special option for green/yellow sector cables


  • Module to store any quality value needed for the quality control
  • Numerical, text or logical values are possible
  • Mask generator for the user mask to define field names and field types


  • OPTISTATION software for workstations
  • Allows to browse data, define measurements and templates
  • Access to all OPTITSTATION systems and servers in a network

Manual Measurement

  • build in interactive module
  • allows to use the OPTISTATION with the mouse like a shadow graph
  • measures point, distances, minimum distances, angles, center of gravity, areas

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